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Out of a desire to fill in the gap for accessible high-quality activewear, Kamo Fitness was born.

Our Story, Our Promise

We believe that you don’t have to break the bank in order to have access to high-quality activewear. At Kamo, we make fitness accessible to everyone.

For us, fitness is not limited to just doing intense exercises in the gym, running a marathon, or being able to lift heavy weights. All these are great, but fitness is much more than that.

Fitness is taking steps, be it as bold as climbing the Everest or as simple as walking around the block, to make yourself healthy both physically and mentally. It is feeling good inside and out.

In three words,Kamo is :


We value taking care not only of our physical wellness but also our mental health. That’s why we take fitness with a practical approach - reasonable pricing for high quality products. In this way, we make self-care the more obvious way to go.


We value honesty and transparency in the things that we do. We listen to the people around us and enjoy open dialogues with them. We know that no one is perfect and everyone is always evolving - including us.


We love welcoming new people in our ever-growing Kamo Kommunity. Here, anyone and everyone is accepted and treated with kindness and respect.

If you’re like us and you believe that fitness is for everyone, Welcome to the Kamo Kommunity!