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The nitty gritty of our Ellyn launch

When we launched the Ellyn collection we had half of our stock at our warehouse in Nevada and the other half delivered to an Amazon warehouse. Due to Amazon's high workload and to unfortunate events out of our control, this stock has not been made available for us to use all at once but rather small pieces at a time. This introduced the very long wait both for us and for some of you, our customers. Endless calls and escalations did not help and we are still waiting for most of the pieces to be made available for shipping by Amazon.

As soon as our items are made available for shipping by Amazon. We are upgrading all late orders to our expedited shipping service in order to reduce waiting time for our customers.

We totally understand and you have every right to be disappointed. Simply drop us an email with your order number and we will refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

We shipped everything we could from the stock stored at our warehouse but we are still having delays with colorways from the Amazon warehouse. We are slowly catching up. In the meantime we also dropped the Ellyn tank which is part of a different shipment entirely in our possession. For this reason orders for the tank are shipped out without any delay.

During our calls and escalation with Amazon support, they made a few units available for a short period.

Only colorways for which we have honored all orders taken on our website have been made available for purchase on Amazon.

Some of these items might be already sold out.